moba is about starting

and keeping momentum for a

healthier, more joyful you.


moba creates a dynamic environment to challenge your body in new ways by using a 3-dimensional training style.  With this single piece of equipment, you will be on the path to stimulating your entire body into better shape.

what is moba?


moba is a weighted ball that has full freedom to move along a solid bar. There are also clips that you can move along the bar to create different configurations that allow you to do over 45 different exercises with this one piece of equipment. moba‘s ability to move freely along the bar creates an active exercise.  As your body responds to moba‘s movement, you use different muscle groups throughout your entire body.


how does moba compare?


moba provides a full-body workout, targeting your core.  To reach your goal of a toned and sculpted body, owning and using a weight-bearing piece of equipment is essential. You need to stimulate all of your fat burning machinery through resistance training. moba allows you to achieve this goal and is also very portable and perfect for gym and in home workouts.

moba will help you reach your fat loss and toning goals.

No body changing program is complete without nutrition. We here at moba know, that nutrition is 100% responsible for exercise induced results. To help you reach your goals and feel better, we have included a nutrition guide filled with tips and example recipes for you to try.