Our Mission

From all my experience and travel, I felt this world was missing something. Something that is fun, dynamic, effective, efficient, and stimulating to the mind and body. Also, a place, a program, a movement, a mission, a team of people helping others understand to get anywhere you want to go with your health/fitness goals, you have to also work on the inner you. Without having a healthy inner you, the outer results will be temporary or non-existent. moba fitness is committed to the mission of helping people live a better healthier more joyful life… by assisting with inspiration for the inner voice conversations we all have and fantastic fun workouts through the moba community. moba is a company that helps create momentum for people to change their bodies and keep it.

About Our Founder

Nichole Black

Nichole has a BA in Finance, but took her education in a new direction as she found her passion of health and fitness. She became NASM CES certified and dotFIT back in the early 2000’s. She strives to learn as much as she can about this area of interest, specifically helping people get to their health and fitness goals. She has been involved in training and development of fitness professionals since 2005, where she started with the Apex Fitness Group as an educator for their bodybugg program. From there, she continued to educate 1,000’s of fitness professionals, across the country, as the National Director of Training and Implementation for dotFIT. From the inspirational influence, of all the fitness professionals she has met over the years, she is now living her next chapter in life. Due to the strong passion she has to help people reach their health and fitness goals, she decided to create her own company called moba fitness. It is a company dedicated to helping people live their most joyful healthy life through amazing workouts and community support.