moba for Home

New Form of Training Style

It's called momentum training. This is where multiple body parts are moving as one
to perform an exercise, while controlling a weight moving with force.

moba For Your Home

moba creates a dynamic environment to challenge your body in new ways by using momentum-training style. With over 50 different exercise and 30 mins or less calorie burning workouts, results will come in no time. Whether you are looking to tone up, build muscle, lose weight, tighten your glutes, shrink your waist line, better your balance or just an overall amazing heart pumping workout, moba is for you.

Benefits of moba

  • 50 exercises you can do with it. Versatile.
  • Full body workouts
  • All exercises engage your core.
  • Online workouts that are easy to follow from your home or anywhere you take your moba.
  • New way to work your core other than a sit-up.
  • Can easily accomplish amazing workouts in 30 mins or less
  • Can take anywhere. You are not limited. You are not rooted.
  • New and innovative. Your body has not experienced anything like this before.
  • Can also use as a foam roller.
  • 3 pieces of fitness equipment in 1… moba, mace, medicine ball.
  • Improves balance, agility and muscle strength
  • Results
  • Tons of different core exercises.
  • Will get your heart rate pumping for a great cardio workout
  • Burn tons of calories
  • Will help improve the way you move with day-to-day activities.
  • fun workouts that will not only help your health and body but also your mind.


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